Mattress Size Guide

There are few decisions in LIFE more difficult than finding the right mattress for your treasured sleep, AND more so finding the one with the right size. assimilation of thoughts & learnings. Find yourself a coir, memory foam, or bonne! spring core to call it a good night, but get the wrong size and you may have a few regrets.

Finding The Right Mattress Size

Don’t worry. We’re here to help you out a little bit so you can have an exact idea of what addition you are making to your cosy bedroom. Even after choosing a certain kind of mattress, if one doesn’t find the desired sleep, it may be well worth changing the size of your mattress. Level up to a twin bed or get a larger mattress. The mattress size may range from full to twin beds, king size to queen size, or if and as required, beds for the little ones and bunk beds for the adventurous siblings. With Sleepkraft, you can even get a custom-made mattress, built for your requirements!

Weighing In: Body Weight & Mattresses

Size, thickness, quality, material, fabric or quilting, springs & foam – there are many variables that set mattresses apart. Considering all these factors is important when it comes to an informed choice of buying the right mattress. But keeping in mind the sleeper’s body weight can be crucial to finding the right sleep posture, for uninterrupted and restful sleep. Buying a mattress of the right type, size and thickness becomes one of the biggest challenges for an ideal night’s sleep.

Measure The Bed, Not Your Sleep.

Standard single beds or twin beds are measured as 36 inches by 75 inches. Double beds or full size beds measure 54 inches by inches. A queen size bed would measure 60 by 8o inches, while a king size bed would measure 76 inches by 80 inches. So while you have selected the right type of mattress for your kind of sleep, make sure you have also chosen the mattress of the right size.


Twin Mattress

Best suited for children or young adults,a twin mattress is the smallest size available in the market, measuring 38 by 75 inches.

Single Bed Mattress

Ideal for single sleepers or young adults in the household, single bed mattresses measure 36 by 75 inches.

Queen Size Mattress

One of the most popular sizes sold in the mattress market, the queen size mattress is a sprawling 60 inches by 80 inches. It has sufficient space for couples who enjoy spreading out for a good sleep posture, or ones with pets who like to snuggle up to you before saying good night.

King Size Mattress

King size mattresses come with plenty of space for a couple that loves luxurious space for good sleep, and even a child – possibly a couple of pets too, who cannot sleep without their beloved home-owners! Ideal for a breathing, spacious bedroom, the king size measures 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length.

Full Mattress or Double Mattress

Measuring at 54 inches by 75 inches, the full size mattress is also what you would find as the standard double mattress. Whether you are at peace in the foetal position or a sprawled out starfish, there is bound to be good space for peaceful sleep.